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Artist Bio

It's a band which is known in Lithuanian hip-hop scene for 7 years alredy. In the beginin there were 2 mc's (Svaras & Giga) doin' some hip-hop tacks which music was produced by very known Lithuanian electronic music band EXEM. There were some performances already and appearances on the radio, plus the band recordered a collabo track with punk-rock band "Turboreanimacija". The track reached No.1 position in one big (at that time) independent radiostation countdown. In 1997 the big hip-hop wave in Lithuania was gone, MC Giga was gone two, he chose something he enjoyed more, Svaras kept doin' new tracks. In 1998 one small Vilnius recording studio he met Donciavas who was workin on producing and recording. Studio was called PORNO SOUND. Donciavas produced new instrumentals for Svaras. At the same studio Kastetas (former punk-rock band drummer) had AFRO (hip-hop project) goin'. Kastetas appeared on some Svaras tracks, plus there were some more tracks wich also featured MC Pushas from very known Lithuanian hip-hop band ZENITAS. Svaras searched for a DJ to have some live skratching. Former dj, DJ VINYL had no interest to make new stuff, so very fast DJ Mamania was found. Very soon Svaras had the whole album ready and still G&G name "burnin" in his heart. Right before christmas 1999 the first official G&G SINDIKATAS album, "Tavo sielos vagiz" ["Your soul thief"] was released at independent record label "GURU RECORDS". 500 units (CD's & MC's) were made and all sold out! Svaras made some decision to group Donciavas, Kastetas, Mamania & himself to a band and work harder. That's how G&G grew up from one member to 4. One and a half year later G&G signed Lithuanian major record label "BOMBA". The new party track "Tomas" reached No.1 positions in all known Lithuanian radiostations. In June of 2001, second album "Gatves Lyga" ["Street League"] was released. In 1 month period it was sold Gold (10 000 copies). G&G started to perform a lot. MC Pushas (Who was featured on the first and second albums) joined the forces and started performing together with G&G. In one year "DEMONS", as now G&G is sometimes called, became 5 people band. They won "Best debut" awards in two Lithunian music awards ("Radiocentras" & "Bravo") and right after, leading by their succsessful radio single "1as kraujas" ["One Blood"], in the end of June, came their third album "Betono Sakmes" ["Concrete Stories"]. In less than a month new cd was sold Gold. The whole summer passed with a lot of work promoting new album. Lots of concerts were filmed by very known Lithuanian cameraman Stasys Baltakis. He filmed and edited G&G Sindikatas' video "Vokieciu Gatve" ["German Street"]. People gave a warm welcome for this song, but the song also got a negative atention from the government. The song itself is a protest against Vilnius mayor and the law, which doesn't let people drink alcohol in a public places. Right after, it was forbidden for G&G to perform outdoor concerts in the area of Vilnius city. The video for the track "Vokiechiu Gatve" appeared on "Betono Dziunglese" ["Inside the Concrete Jungle"] CD single, which was released in October 2002 and was followed by first G&G Sindikatas Lithuanian tour. There were over 20 concerts in different Lithuanian towns. Later, Donciavas and Pushaz had 6 months of work on Pushaz' solo album which is about to be released in June 2003. G&G, ofcourse, are recording new tracks for the new album, performing alot and enjoing summer.


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